The Arts For Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh was founded to encourage the creative expression of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through inclusive arts programming. This Foundation is focused on providing such programming to transition aged youth and adults through its flagship program, Pittsburgh’s Joey Travolta Film Workshop.

Feedback provided from parents and professionals following the 3rd Annual Joey Travolta Camp in Pittsburgh substantiates that there is an ever-growing need and interest for participants to graduate into increasing levels of responsibility within the Film Camp and have access to year-round programming. For many students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, year-round engagement insures that skills developed each summer continue and flourish. Additionally, opportunity to generalize soft and technical skills into new settings bolsters these skill sets and contributes to greater job readiness.

The Arts for Autism Foundation has responded by developing two year-round opportunities: the Youth Production Crew and the Arts for Autism Filmmakers Guild. We further aim to develop career training and assessment as part of the Film Camp and year-round programs. This expansion of current offerings would not only provide valuable learning experience for all youth involved, but as workforce development, serving as a pipeline into the booming local entertainment industry.