“Quiet on the set!” is a phrase often heard at the Joey Travolta Film Camp. Joey Travolta, a former special education teacher, creates, coordinates, and actually facilitates this short film camp alongside of our staff. This is an inclusive film camp specifically designed to address social, communication, executive function, transition and vocational goals as defined by each student’s IEP or OVR. For two straight weeks, campers will be actively engaged in teamwork with the objective of producing a short film. Concept development, story boarding, acting, costume design, set design, production and editing are just a few aspects of the real work experience gained through participation in this two week program.



Thanks to generous support from Sprout Fund, the Arts for Autism Foundation is piloting a weekly Filmmakers Guild.  The pilot program will directly engage a socioeconomically diverse group of all abilities.  This group will be comprised of a maximum of 12 youth between the ages of 14 and 21 and will be supported by 4 staff (2 therapeutic staff and 2 industry professionals).  This project is projected to reach and engage hundreds of community members through networking and the distribution of films, free of cost, to relevant community groups including school districts, advocacy groups and service providers.

The Guild meets weekly, for up to two hours each week, on a local university campus and is supported by three staff members.  Staff is present to provide support and guidance as needed, but the Guild will be led and structured by its youth members.  With the goal of creating at least four educational short films, the youth will explore problems that they wish to solve and actively engage in problem solving.  Youth will take on all aspects of the filmmaking process from pre to post-production.  A key aspect of program implementation will be establishing a culture of acceptance, collaboration and engagement.  Staff members have been recruited because of their professional expertise and experience in fostering the empowerment of youth through collaboration and communication.

More Info Coming Soon…